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Self-Published Author From Park City, Utah Who Has Written 7 Novels, 1 Children's Book & 1 Short Story. Learn More About These Page Turning Stories Today!
Lisa Loomis Books | Romance Novelist | Boy In A Band
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BBTake3052913KindleMorgan Mallory meets beautiful, sexy, blond haired, blue eyed, Mathew O’Conner, a singer in a rock band, when she’s just a teen. Her instant physical attraction to   him completely unnerves her. Their convoluted relationship transcends years, and even when she knows it would be best to stay away from him she can’t seem to  stop herself. What is it about the bad boy she seems to love?An edgy coming of age novel that is erotic, entertaining, and deeply moving. The characters will seize you and stay with you long after the read is finished. Not your predictable Cinderella story

Boy in a Band is $4.99 Kindle Edition – take a look on Amazon.


10 Jan Messy

"It's not alway easy," Morgan said. "What isn't?" I asked. "Understanding my feelings," she said. "They can be so jumbled and messy. I don't always know what to do with them." "It's okay,...

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