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Just Bairre - Lisa Loomis Books
Self-Published Author From Park City, Utah Who Has Written 7 Novels, 1 Children's Book & 1 Short Story. Learn More About These Page Turning Stories Today!
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Just Bairre

Book Summary

Cait rolled onto her side towards her white French provincial nightstand, jerked open the top drawer, and pulled out a metal paper clip. An unassuming tool, no one would second-guess why it was really there. She flipped it over and over in her fingers, wishing she could get her mind off all the thoughts, wanting the gray to stop swirling. No one knew, not even Alexandra; Cait knew how to hide it, she’d become quite a good actress. Her mother had noticed a healing scratch on her wrist once and asked about it, and Cait had hastily described the bush at school she’d injured herself on. She felt the heaviness in her chest as she pulled back her leggings and took the extended end of the paper clip and pressed it into her inside thigh.

Cait O’Meara has a cutting problem and she understands she needs to stop, but she just can’t seem to get a hold of her teenage emotions. Bairre, a troubled leprechaun, is sent to try and help her. His ability to do so hinges on his own troubles being solved. Can Bairre help Cait or will he lose everything dear to him?

A story of teenage angst and a coping mechanism known as cutting, or harming oneself. Cutting is not a solution, it just covers over the underlying problem. A heart-felt tale of self-discovery, learning, and growth……for both Cait and Bairre.