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Self-Published Author From Park City, Utah Who Has Written 7 Novels, 1 Children's Book & 1 Short Story. Learn More About These Page Turning Stories Today!
Lisa Loomis Books | Romance Novelist | Boy In A Band
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12 Feb Series–ly good deal 2-13-16

Series---ly Bargin Booksy romance “BOY IN A BAND” Saturday 13th $1.99, others in series “CASANOVA COWBOY” (2) “RACING THROUGH CORNFIELDS” (3) both .99 pennies. #ComingOfAge #NewAdult #Romance All my books on Amazon:

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12 Jan Just Bairre Free on Amazon

"Just Bairre" is a story about a young girl who cuts. Cutting is self harming and many young women do it as a way to cope. It is an emotional story with a magical twist. Excerpt: A whooshing sound close to her ear startled her; it...

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