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10 Jan Messy

"It's not alway easy," Morgan said. "What isn't?" I asked. "Understanding my feelings," she said. "They can be so jumbled and messy. I don't always know what to do with them." "It's okay, you're young, it's a learning process," I said. "you'll figure it out in time." DOES SHE?...

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08 Jan Like vs. As if

I recently read an article by Ron Howard #Opie and #RichieCunningham and he said "One day on the set, just after I'd turned 7, we were rehearsing a line, I don't remember what it was, but I told the director, 'I don't think a kid...

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06 Jan -20 degrees

The house was quiet the heater just shutting down for a break. It had run a lot through the night. It was still pitch black outside the window, not even the shadows of the trees shown yet. Coffee. There were no errands this morning, all...

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04 Jan Good sleep

What a difference a good night of sleep makes! Still managed to edit from 6-3:30 with a few small breaks after 1 hour of sleep yesterday. Sometimes I really enjoy editing old material. It let's me know how much better I'm getting #NotAfraidOfChange #BackAtIt #BigGoalToday #LisaLoomisBooks...

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03 Jan Day 3 #NewYear

This will be a year of changes, changes I'm certain will happen and changes I hope will happen. Changes I'm working hard towards. Today I cleaned my keyboard for the first time in a long time. "I am blinded by the white...

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07 Oct Coming soon….

I have a story coming out this month "MY FORECLOSURE STORY The Fleecing of America". The story details our ordeal during the meltdown. With all the fraud we see from banks, WELLS FARGO the most recent, it is a story that shows how corrupt our...

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